Shit non-designers say…

"So we will need the logo by tomorrow afternoon, that should give you enough time".

How about no. A world of no. 
No self respecting designer would agree to creating a logo in such a short amount of time. 

What clients forget is that creating a logo is more than just picking a font and adding a little icon. Hours of planning, research and sketches goes into it before you even touch illustrator. Then you spend time mocking up around 5 of the sketches, wait for client feedback, make their adjustments, more feedback etc etc until you have the final design. It’s a process that takes at the very least 3-4 days unless the client is with you every step of the way. 

Any designer that does create logos like that is, in my opinion… unprofessional and cheap. If you wanted a designer who can just knock out a design without giving it much thought then you may as well go to sites like 99Designs or SquareSpace. 

You want kids?
At some point yeah, I always said I’d like to adopt as my best friend as a kid was in a home and it always made me sad that she an so many others are without a loving family. 

This afternoon turned from working hard to drawing on the sidewalk with chalk with my bosses kids to a full on nerf gun war in the office. I am now dead after an hour worth of ducking and diving and it’s made me broody…er.

Messy room, backwards cap, shirt around the waist, and a new tee kinda day.